1. I'm an Old Man

From the recording Songs From the Middle

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How it feels to be me, sometimes


I'm an Old Man (@Bruce Wozny, 2012)

Here I am, I'm on my knees, I'm an old man
Hard to love and hard to please, I'm an old man
had a time along the way, in my prime and in my day
I had a lot to say, now I'm an old man, I'm an old man

look a lot better than I feel, I'm an old man
shot my shot and I've done my deal, I'm an old man,
out of touch and out of time, out of sight and out of mind
I've done it all a thousand times, cause I'm an
old man, I'm an old man

Hey maybe let's meet wherever, hey maybe let's go to a show
hey maybe let's get together, in a place where the old men go, go, go!

I'm trying to stay around, I'm an old man
I'm trying to stand my ground, I'm an old man
steal love and I'll be strong, steal time and I'll be gone
we're gonna get along, cause I'm an old man, I'm an old man ...