With a fondness for great songs of any genre, Bruce is an enthusiastic singer-songwriter and a member of the Wellington Trio, who specialize in instrumental songbook standards and original tunes in that style.  He was also a proud member of alt-country originals band Lost Colt.

Some of Bruce's songwriting heroes are Gillian Welch, Tom Waits, Turlough O'Carolan, John Prine, David Frishberg, Tom Lehrer, Bob Dorough, Duke Ellington and Roger Miller.

Sweet Dreams from Bruce's Sleeping Dogs album can be heard in the soundtrack of A Windigo Tale, a feature film by Canadian writer and director Armand Ruffo:


Bruce's newest album, Songs from the Middle and two other albums, Sleeping Dogs and Boy of the Town are available on this site for download.

Ottawa's Hollerado has covered "Elvis Bought a Monkey."  Their version is on their album "111 Songs" at


Mav Karlo covered "Dead Enough" on his Reno Tapes EP: Mav Karlo - Reno Tapes EP – Royal Mountain Records



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