From the recording Boy of the Town

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"A female friend who had worked for Campbell's soup in her younger days had, at their annual ball, been crowned Campbell's Soup Queen. Years later, after a series of youthful escapades, she settled down yet retained, after all she'd been through, a regal presence."


Queen of the Campbell Soup Ball © Bruce Wozny 1991

When she walked in the room, you could smell her perfume
We all looked through the gloom when the spotlight came on
She held her head high with a gleam in her eye
It was like she could fly, and she did till the dawn.

And she looked so unequivocally delectable
as we strolled arm in arm 'round the hall
In her crown she looked halfway respectable
She's the Queen of the Campbell Soup Ball

She grew up like the rest, with her own high school crest
and she hitch-hiked out west with a rounder named Dan
'Til she woke up one day in the family way
But Dan didn't stay so homeward she ran

She stood tall in her crown and her white cotton gown
she made on her sewing machine
We knew she'd go far, maybe up to the stars
and ride all the rainbows in between

Now she lives here in town, she's gained a few pounds
She's settled on down and married at last
But sometimes at night when she turns out the light
she recalls with delight the dreams of her past