From the recording Sleeping Dogs

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"A song about springtime, when so much begins"


Out in the yard ©Bruce Wozny 1999

out in the yard, life ain't too hard / the grass is growin’, the breeze is blowin’
and the sun comes pourin’ in all around the compost bin / sure smells like spring again
out in the yard

out on the lawn snow has all gone / the lilac's all in bloom; fresh flowers for my room
sky looks so big and blue; let's phone a friend or two / fire up the barbecue
out in the yard

bugs crawling all around; baby mosquitoes learn to fly
leaves poke out of the ground; green fingers reaching for the sky
for the sky

out in the ground, worms crawl around / root water's taken up, black flies are waking up
geese arch across the sky, white clouds a-rolling by / here comes a butterfly
out in the yard