1. Alright

From the recording Songs From the Middle

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"Survive. Get wiser. Get balanced."


Alright (©Bruce Wozny, 2010)

Whole lot of years I'll never get back / I nearly gave myself a heart attack
pushing stones to the top of a hill
lot of sweat, a whole lot of hassle / that I spent building my castle
if it hadn't burned, I'd be there still
Sometimes you've got to take a look around
try walking your feet up on higher ground
ask yourself, "is it worth the fight?"
Alright, alright

Deep down, I've been waiting here for you / at the same time trying to ignore you
ever since I started to dream
I was looking for a friend I could turn to, looking for a heart I could sing to
(and) walk my way out of the machine
your love made me into someone, a miracle started to happen
I opened my eyes and let in the light
Alright, alright

When the ship is going down and it's raining
(there's) not a lot to do while you're waiting
(but) think what it means to be alive
(it) doesn't always have to be about ambition or about following tradition
it could be a miracle in the night
Alright, alright
alright, alright