1. Pickle Farm

From the recording Songs From the Middle

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"If Jimmie Rodgers had been a pickle farmer..."


Pickle Farm (©Bruce Wozny, 2014)

(I'm) out here on this pickle farm, trying to pay my bills
workin' on my gherkins, fiddlin' with my dills, I've got
sealer jars of bread and butters underneath my arm
and I can't wait 'til supper time, out on the pickle farm

I love my lovely pickle gal, we cherish every hour
her tender love, a tasty treat, salty, sweet and sour, all her
crisp and crunchy, rich and munchy kisses and her charm
keep me coming back for more, out on the pickle farm

Riding in our pickle truck, ten miles into town
dressed up in our grade A best, ambling all around, we go
up and down the main street, smiling arm in arm
dreaming of good times ahead out on the pickle farm

Happy in our pickle life, as tickled as can be
and we dream together of our pickle family, we will
do our best to keep each other happy, safe and warm
every time we pucker up, out on the pickle farm
We're going out, way out on the pickle farm